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5 Must Tour Breweries in Austin Texas

5 Must Tour Breweries in Austin Texas

Austin, Texas is one of the fastest growing cities in the nation. Well known as the Live Music Capital of the World, Austin has a tendency to attract quirky independent thinkers. The beer aficionados behind Austin’s craft beer scene stay true to this theme.
Out of dozens of newly built craft beer breweries throughout Austin, Texas we have chosen a list of the top 5 you’ve got to tour if you live in or near the city. Each brewery has its own unique flair and caters to a range of palettes. Without further ado, here is our list of the top 5 must tour breweries in Austin, Texas.

1. Live Oak Brewery

As Austin’s oldest brewery, Live Oak Brewery stays true to its roots by specializing in tantalizing lagers and ales that are sure to have you saying “Yum.” The brewery’s most popular year round beers include a wheat-y Hefeweizen, a golden lager, an amber lager and an American IPA. Live Oak’s Hefeweizen is fashioned after the classic wheat beers of Bolivia and has notes of clove, banana, and vanilla. Although their flagship beer is technically their golden lager “Pilz” we are partial to the Hefe. With a BA score of 98, you can’t go wrong by touring this brewery.

Their next tour is Sat November 22nd, so book you reservation soon.

2. 512 Brewing Company

We’ve already discussed the 512 Brewing Company in length here, but we couldn’t leave them off of our list of the best craft beer tours in Austin. Utilizing domestic and organic ingredients, 512 serves up delicious craft beer like their Wit, Pale, and IPA. One beer you have to sample during your tour is their Pecan Porter which boasts a BA score of 93. Its malty sweetness is perfectly balanced by a subtle pecan flavor released during the brewing process.

Tours are open to the public every Saturday, with two tours on most Saturdays.

3. Independence Brewing Co.

Independence Brewing Co opened in 2004 after nearly three years of fundraising and research. Today, they have over 20 beers available for selection with 5 year round beers to sample during tours. Our personal beer of choice from Independence is their Convict Hill Oatmeal Stout. This heady American ale takes your taste buds on a journey towards chocolate and vanilla land, topping it off with a rich and creamy body. Convict Hill boasts a BA rating of 89.

Their next tour is Friday Nov. 21st.

4. Thirsty Planet

Thirsty Planet is quickly becoming one of the best breweries in Austin, Texas. With a year round line up of 3 distinct craft beers and over 8 seasonal beers, Thirsty Planet provides a taste for every palette. Our favorite brew from Thirsty Planet is their flavorful IPA aptly titled “Buckethead”. With a light caramel sweetness and a bit of punch in the afterglow, the Buckethead is an IPA lover’s dream and even enjoys a solid 87 score from BA. Our second favorite beer has to be Thirsty Goat with its sweet, spicy and malty finish.

Beer tours happen every Saturday at Thirsty Planet.

5. Hops & Grain Brewery

Although the Hops & Grains Brewery brews six distinct beer flavors, the only one that tickles our fancy is their German brew “Alt-eration”. Upfront and to the point, Alt-eration offers the taste buds a malty initial taste with a clean and crisp finish. The brewery itself is the primary reason they make our list. Utilizing sustainable brewing methods and an awesome touring schedule, Hops & Grains Brewery is a must tour for any serious beer drinker.

Tours take place Wed- Fri at 5pm and every Saturday at 1pm, 3pm, and 5pm. Tours are 100% free and food trucks are on site during Saturday tours.

If you want to experience true Austin, Texas craft beer then head over to the breweries on our list and enjoy the ride.