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ATX Local Craft Spotlight- South Austin Brewery

ATX Local Craft Spotlight- South Austin Brewery

Austin, Texas is full of unique brews that tantalize the taste buds and generate a sense of wonder. One of our favorite spots for craft beer in Austin is the South Austin Brewery.

Located in the ‘un-gentrified’ heart of South Austin, sits this one of a kind brewery. Music is the foundation of much of their marketing. Take the starter lyrics they place on the side of their beer cans and the fact that every six-pack comes with a branded “South Austin” guitar pick. It’s their way of connecting with a community highly charged with musical genes.

Now on to the beer..

South Austin Brewery offers up six distinctive beer tastes—Kol’Beer, Evel Ale, TPA, 6 String Saison, Crossroads and Luckenbock.


Kol’Beer is a Kolsh-style inspired beer that goes down clean and crisp thanks to the German Pilsner malt used to brew it. Described as the perfect blend between malt and hops, the Kol’Beer is perfect for drinking on a hot summer day in Texas.

Evel Ale

An all American Blonde Ale, the Evel Ale is an easy to drink brew that is light in body but hoppy in flavor. The bitterness is kept in check thanks to the brew formula, but the wild and bold flavor is left intact. Brewed with domestic ingredients, this is one beer every Texan should try.


The TPA is a Session IPA that has a big hoppy taste with a clean finish. It’s an original Texas pale ale that goes down smooth without taking the bite out of the ABV count.

6 String Saison

This is by far our favorite beer from the South Austin Brewery. With it’s spicy, eccentric, and complex flavor the 6 String Saison represents Austin perfectly. The fact that it’s a non-traditional take on the Franco-Belgian style farmhouse brew makes our hearts skip a beat, while the Belgian yeast hypnotizes our taste buds with flavors like banana, peach and black pepper. Unique as it is delicious, the 6 String Saison is a beer you don’t want to miss out on.


The Crossroads is a stout beer that has a distinct and bold roasted coffee flavor. Brewed with a blend of roasted barley, chocolate malt and oats, the Crossroads is quite literally a crossroad of powerful flavor. Infused with Brazilian micro-lot coffee post fermentation, there is plenty of savory flavor to go around with this stout.


The Luckenbock is brewed in a traditional German style bock, and brings with it plenty of taste and a powerful ABV—7%. Thanks to heavy use of Vienna, Munich, and caramel malts, the Luckenbock is one malty tasting beer. However, it is fermented cold and aged to cultivate a clean, crisp taste native to any German-style lager.

If you’re looking for delicious tasting craft beer in Austin, Texas, then the South Austin Brewery is hands down a place you want to check out.