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Dripping Springs Vodka

Dripping Springs Vodka

Dripping Springs Vodka is an institution in Austin, Texas. Borne from the San Luis Spirits distillery high in the Texas Hill Country, Dripping Springs Vodka is by far one of the most delicious American-made vodkas. You don’t have to take our word for it. This crystal clear liquid from the heavens won the gold for “Best in Class” at the International Wine and Spirits Competition in 2008 along with their “Vodka Purity Trophy” (Dripping Springs is the only American vodka to win the latter).

As a family-owned and operated business, San Luis Spirits launched in 2005 by brothers Kevin and Gary Kelleher. Their meticulous attention to detail and near obsessive impurity removal process has positioned the Kelleher brothers and their vodka to the top of the list of best Texas vodkas. Here’s a basic summary of how they craft the perfect vodka:


Dripping Springs Vodka is made from non-GMO mid-western sweet corn, is micro-distilled 20 times in small 50 gallon batches in copper pot stills, and is distilled with artesian mineral dense Texas Spring water. It is then filtered through Swedish activated carbon.
Sound simple enough, right?

The process the Kelleher brothers use produces one of the finest vodkas in the states. It is also surprisingly affordable considering the hand-crafted formula they use. All in all, Dripping Springs is perfect for sipping on a hot summer day or mixed with a splash of your preferred mixer.

In addition to their vodka, San Luis Spirits also distills their own gin. While most people think gin is a drink for grandpas, there is a reemergence of sorts taking place within the current drinking generation and San Luis Spirits is hopping aboard the gravy train. They’ve crafted their gin using nine different botanicals but will only reveal five of them. These include: juniper, cardamom, hibiscus, orange and lime. The lime was thrown in for a Texas kick because, after all, the gin is made in the Texas Hill Country.

You can snatch a bottle of Dripping Springs Vodka for around $17.99 per 750 ML and can find their gin in several liquor stores around Texas. You can also visit the distillery for an insider look at their process for just $10 per tour. The admission fee covers free samples of all their spirits and a souvenir tasting glass. Check them out and see for yourself how amazing this Texas made vodka really is.