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Five Food Trucks We Frequent in Austin

Five Food Trucks We Frequent in Austin

Austin, Texas is well known for its Food Trucks. This past fall when Jon Stewart chose to host his show from our amazing city, the running joke was how much food he ate from the city’s numerous truck vendors. Heck, even the independent film “Chef” made a stop in Austin to serve their yummy Cuban sandwiches and snatch up some high quality brisket for their truck from none other than Franklin’s BBQ.

Without further ado, here is a taste of our favorite food trucks in Austin, Texas. Please hold the complaints for later. We know there are hundreds of delicious trucks in Austin to score a meal from, but these are a few of our favorites.

Hey!.. Are You Gonna Eat or What?

Hey!..Are You Gonna Eat or What? serves up delicious, distinctively Texas sandwiches from Chef Eric, who has over 20 years of experience in the restaurant biz. If Yelp is any indicator of superiority then this is possibly the best food truck in the city, as they boast 4 ½ stars with over 340 reviews. Some complain about the lack of diversity and or “healthy” options on their menu, but they don’t advertise themselves as healthy nor do they really give a damn about appeasing those with the ever popular “gluten” allergy. They offer comfort food with 5 star ingredients served with a 5 star level of service (anyone who’s had their sandwiches knows that they will have to hear precisely what’s in it no matter how many times they’ve eaten it. Go there. You’ll know what we’re talking about). You can visit them on Barton Springs Road in the Picnic trailer court.

Tip: The Monte Cristo might be the best sandwich on the planet!

Torchy’s Tacos

An Austin, Texas icon, Torchy’s is well known and liked for their spicy “Diablo” sauce and their diverse taco creations. Frequent and savvy foodies, take advantage of their secret menu and mix and match their favorites. When it comes to food in Austin, we may eat at Torchy’s more often than at any other restaurant or food truck. There are several Torchy’s located throughout the city with their Food Truck on 1st street.

Churro Co

The Churro Co is one of Austin’s newest food trucks. Opened last summer, this family-owned food truck puts their unique spin on one of the best desserts known to man: the Churro. Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, the Churro Co knows exactly how to make this traditional treat. There are several variations on their menu to choose from, and they also offer ice cream as a side option for those who want to add even more delicious calories to their churro. Also, the service is extremely friendly. Check them out on 1620 E. Riverside in Austin.

Nutter Busters

Nutter Busters is a diverse Austin, Texas food truck that has its own unique flair. Specializing in BBQ & comfort food, Nutter Busters doesn’t disappoint. From chicken and waffles to burnt ends and free PBR, Nutter Busters has everything on their menu. They are also another new food truck in Austin, and are located in an inconspicuous trailer park in South Austin. Check them out at 6218 Brodie LN to taste their delicious comfort food.

Veracruz All Natural

Some tout Veracruz as the best place in Austin, Texas to grab a breakfast taco. Priding themselves on using all natural ingredients, Veracruz offers up scrumptious/healthier breakfast options for Austin residents. Their breakfast migas are amazing, so don’t be afraid to dive head first into ordering at least 2 of them. You can order your own taco by visiting them at any one of their locations. Check out their website to find the location nearest you. http://veracruztacos.com/

Feel free to share your favorite food trucks below in the comments. There simply are too many for us to mention here!