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Sixth Street vs. Rainey Street ( The Pros and Cons)

Sixth Street vs. Rainey Street ( The Pros and Cons)

  • Posted on: January 20, 2015
  • By:

Austin, Texas is well known and well liked for its nightlife. While Sixth Street, or as locals not-so-affectionately call it “Dirty Sixth,” is the go-to spot for frat boys and tourists who simply don’t know there is another inconspicuous bar hopping street just down the road. That street is Rainey Street. But many would contest the strength of Rainey’s nightlife, and to offset these naysayers we’ve crafted a brief outline of what the occasional bar patron can expect from each respective beer soaked street.

Dirty Sixth, the place where frat boys and sorority girls go to meet in one glorious drunken stupor. While Sixth Street is like the ugly cousin you prefer not to claim, it does offer some pretty sweet clubs/bars if you know where to look. On the other side of the coin, it can also be a place you want to avoid at all costs. Consider the pros and cons of Sixth Street below.

• It is the place to be for South by Southwest, film festivals, and the Pecan Street Festival
• Its home to the historic Driskill hotel.
• Bars like Jackalope, Midnight Cowboy, and Easy Tiger (off of E. Sixth Street)
• Surprisingly good food at several of the Kiosks. (Although, you would expect nothing less from Austin.)

• College Kids. Lots of them. (Of course if you are one this isn’t a problem!)
• Traffic.
• Too many choices, it can be difficult to find the right bar.
• Lots of petty fights and drunkards about.
• Bouncers yelling at you every-time you walk by, trying to sell you on their drink special.

Rainey Street
Listed under the “Local Flavor” tab on Yelp, Rainey Street is the light at the end of the tunnel for the proverbial bar scene in Austin, Texas. Tucked away alongside the Colorado River (or Town Lake as some of us like to call it) right off of Cesar Chavez Boulevard sits a row of bungalows turned bars just waiting to be explored. Unlike Dirty Sixth, Rainey Street has a relaxed and laid back vibe that truly is inviting. Here are a few of the Pros and Cons to this quaint little neighborhood.

• Bangers (they have over a hundred craft beers on tap, and an amazing patio to relax and enjoy them.)
• Indian Food.
• Incredible Patio Bars throughout.
• Distinctly Local Vibe.
• Parking can be a pain. (Watch out for Meter Maids and “No” parking areas.)
• Fewer bars than Sixth Street.
• Food Trucks have been forced to move out thanks to the city.

911NTLAHlKL All in all, it’s best to check out both districts to make your own decision about which is best, but if you ask us Rainey wins hands down. Time will tell how, or if Rainey Street expands, but until then we’ll just have to make our rounds between it and the other numerous bars that keep Austin Weird.