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The Craft Beer Scene in Austin Texas

The Craft Beer Scene in Austin Texas

Austin is, well, in a word amazing. With people coming to this epicenter of hipster culture from both sides of the country, it isn’t any wonder that a distinctly Austin craft beer scene is quickly becoming one of the best in the nation.
Of course, Austin’s beer scene has a few select breweries that stand out from the rest. Since the early 90’s, guys in their basements have been coming up with never-before heard of craft brews and dishing them out to the public. Emerging like phoenixes out of the proverbial ash are two of our personal favorite craft beer breweries, Austin Beerworks, and Jester King.

We are partial to Austin Beerworks for several reasons. For starters, these guys serve up their pilsners and ales in cans only, which is not only better for the environment (they’re recyclable) but also just downright convenient. Crafted from protective metal that prevents beer from breaking down, these beer cans are Austin-esque in their own right. In addition to their technologically superior beer cans, Austin Beerworks serves up a tasty variety of craft beer that includes an American IPA, a German Schwarz, a German-Style Pils, and an Anytime Ale. Each beer from Austin Beerworks has a distinctively delicious flavor, which is why we are particularly partial to this brewery.

Jester King is another craft beer brewery in Austin, Texas that sticks out to us. Calling themselves an “authentic farmhouse brewery committed to making wild ales” Jester King sets the bar high for their craft beer selection. Jester King uses water from their own well to brew their beer and even sources their malted grains and yeasts from local farms to ensure an authentic flavor. This Texas Hill Country brewery brews over 40 unique craft beers throughout the year, so there is always something new to sample when you take a tour of their facilities.

In addition to these superb craft beer breweries, Austin, Texas is also home to quite a few incredible craft beer bars and pubs. A few of our favorites include the Austin Ale House, Craft Pride, and Banger’s Sausage House & Beer Garden. Each bar has a fantastic selection of Austin’s finest craft brews, and despite the fact that the Austin Ale House is located on dirty sixth, it too has a fair share of superior craft beer.
There are far too many craft beer bars and breweries to list here, but we should all be thankful that we live in a city that has its own craft beer scene. So bow your head, say thanks, and down that full-bodied ale in front of you. It’s good to live in Austin, Texas.