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The Nightlife of Rainey Street in Austin Texas

The Nightlife of Rainey Street in Austin Texas

Austin, Texas is well known for its nightlife. Typically, tourists flock to 6th street bars loaded full of university students downing shots like the ‘Matt Dillon’ (don’t ask what’s in it) like their lives depend on it, and are surprised when they have less than a good time. But there is a neighborhood located just a few blocks away from dirty six which holds even more potential for an awesome night out.
Rainey Street is that neighborhood. Perched on the shores of Lady Bird Lake-or Town Lake as real Austinites call it–sits a once run-down neighborhood turned bar haven. Quaint bungalows line Rainey, and beckon passersby to indulge themselves in craft beer and shots of aged whiskey. But Rainey serves up more than just delicious drinks. Its atmosphere is what really gets you.
Downtown Austin has its own unique vibe, and so does Rainey Street. There is a certain sophistication that comes across when bar hopping on Rainey, despite the fact that on any given night you’ll inevitably see at least one drunkard attempt to hula hoop or play ping pong, or do both at the same time. That’s what makes it so much fun. You never know what you’ll see.
Some of our favorite bars on Rainey include the following:

Craft Pride (an obvious choice)
Lustre Pearl

Craft Pride is one of our favorites simply because of its over-the-top selection of craft beer. In all, they have 54 local Texas brews on tap for you to get completely hammered on. If you aren’t a beer drinker or want something a bit fruitier, head over to Javelina’s or Lucille’s. Their drink specials are solid, and their selection of mix drinks is inviting.
Lustre Pearl was the first bar on Rainey Street in Austin, Texas and is where all the hula hoop action takes place. The interior of the bar is a fixed up bungalow and has a rustic atmosphere. Lucille is the newest bar on the strip, and it takes after Lustre Pearl by offering customers a large outdoor patio fully outfitted with games like Bag-O and even a putting green. Those who want to relax can take advantage of the hammocks aptly placed throughout the patio. Seriously, they have hammocks at a bar. Only in Austin.
Blackheart is the last bar on our list, and has a sophisticated yet Texan charm. They serve up a variety of Whiskey’s and are considered more of a cocktail bar then anything. They also have live music during the weekends and summertime.
Take advantage of the awesomeness that is Rainey Street by planning your weekend nightlife around this sweet Austin secret, before it isn’t much of a secret anymore.